In this tutorial I will show how to create an ECS game with 16 colors. Of course you can also choose 32, 64 or 256 colors. But HEY, if you can handle 16 colors, you can build the real hot shice with even more colors.

To make these settings you just have to click on Screen Settings. Here we make the crucial decision for which target platform we choose. So, decide!

Please note: All ™REDPILL project settings always happen at the bottom of the screen. When I say "top left", I usually mean the one on the left, at the top of the lower part of the screen, where the editor buttons are located.

Back to the Screen Settings. While I selected an ECS game with 16 colors in the upper left corner, I checked "Camera Follow" in the upper right corner. Why I did this I will explain later. Now you have to trust me that this is important. Just activate "Camera Follow" and then click on "OK" in the lower right corner. Now an important element of this project is configured. Nice!

last update: 2022-05-16 -- v0.5.1